We are now an all girl band!!!  At the end of the 2017 season, Harry moved on to pursue other interests, and now we have a new and exciting band member!!  Sarah Jean Hart has joined us and we are super excited!  She is a phenomenal fiddle player, as well as the mandolin, banjo, piano and sings!!!  Wowee!!  Can't wait to see what we can create together and looking forward to our next season of playing!  Stay tuned for more updates (band description, bios and such) and possibly a video or two!!  Exciting times ahead!

Happy Spring...a time for renewal and rebirth!  Love seeing the lush green hills and the  beautiful wildflowers, and hearing the frogs croaking and the birds chirping!  Exciting times!

Things are  blooming for our band too!  We have added our own  fun versions of some great new covers to our playlist including Girl Crush by LBT, Sweet Dreams from the Eurythmics, When I Die by the Waifs and Blank Space by Taylor Swift!!   Tami and Harry have been busy writing songs and we have added a few gems  to our playlist as well. Can't wait for ya'll to enjoy them with us!

We have been adding to our calendar for the upcoming spring and summer, and look forward to adding a few more!  We are available for house concerts or parties, as well as venue events.  Contact Lynn at wickedsisters3@yahoo.com (or this website's email ) if you are interested.  

Fun times ahead!


Lots of changes have been happening with our band.  Kenny has stepped out, Kev has stepped back for a bit, and Tami and Harry have stepped in!  They bring a fun new energy as well as a wealth of musical talent and experience to our group.  We are now enjoying creating four part harmonies on many of our songs and mixing up the instruments and sharing the fun!  I am now playing the bass ukulele and loving it! We are also sharing playing the bongos and djembe and we are all having a blast!  We have a few gigs lined up for this spring and summer and  really look forward to preforming.  See ya soon!

Wow!  We had such a great time playing our tunes at the Pickle Patch in San Andreas last Wednesday night!  What a great place!  The outdoor setting was just beautiful, the food delicious, and the staff was awesome!  We had the warmest welcome and lots of love for our sound and us!  Thanks again to everyone who shared the evening with us, and to  Singing Steve Johnson for seeking us out and making it happen.  We had so much fun that we hope it becomes a regular summertime event.   Big Fun indeed!

Here's the link to this little gem of a deli in San Andreas:

Pickle Patch Deli

check it out!  What a great little local business!

Hey there!

Well, we're back to playing music again..yay! and it feels great!  We are mixing things up a bit..reconfiguring, simplifying, getting back to our vocals..all good stuff!  We have just a few gigs planned for this season, but that is just fine with us!  Hope to see you at one or more of our events! 

Happy Spring!


well..the time has arrived for a shift for our band.  We are ready, for many different reasons, to step back for a while and slow down.  We have had the time of our lives for six years now..performing around and about our great county and a little beyond!  But we are kind of tired and ready to change things a bit.  We are done performing as of next Friday at Bella Grace in Sutter Creek, but we are definitely not done playing music!  We want to get back to our roots, so to speak.  Focus more on originals, harmonies and just a few instruments to accompany our sound.  Simplify.  Breathe.  Let the music flow. Be more spontaneous when and where we play, if at all.  We are just going to trust where the music takes us. 

Thank you to all who have joined us on this journey.  Sure has been fun, hasn't it?!  Who would have thought that in our 50's (except young Annie!) we would be in a band!!!!  What a total kick in the ass, I tell ya!  Learned soooo much along the way too.   This website is proof of that! 

anyway....it's all good!

see ya around



Summertime is here, and it is so lovely!  We are all busy with our families, gardens, hiking and playing music! We have a fun summer schedule lined up..two fun Roaring Camp dates as well as our favorite winery, Bella Grace in Sutter Creek.  They have the best back porch and lawn space around!  Perfect for a cool summer evening music experience!  We also have our annual Camp-out for Cancer date in Sept (but we won't talk about the fall yet....summer has just begun and it's time to go swimmin'! )

See ya soon!

We took a nice long break during the holidays and late winter, but now we are ready to play music again!  We have been working on new material, both originals and a couple of fun new covers, and we can't wait to play them for ya!  All three of us girls are taking a turn on the keyboard, which is really exciting! We've also enjoyed playing our old music..like being with old friends again!  Can't wait to see everybody and do what we love!  See ya soon!

What a fun summer and early fall that we have had!  Played lots of music and enjoyed every minute of it!  Now that the holidays are around the corner though, we are going to be taking a little break from performing..plan on spending time with family ,sipping hot cocoa, and working on new music!  Kevin has a few exciting originals just waiting for our creative attention, and I am sure she will be writing more!  We also have a collaborative song in the works!

So.. thank you everyone for such a fun year of music and friendship, and we will see you in the Spring! 

Have a loving and safe Holiday season.


Well..we are back to school, but still creating space for our music....

Our new CD, Power in the Wait, will soon be available thru CD Baby, itunes and Amazon!  Stay tuned...

Super Cool Roaring Camp Deal!!

Just found out that if you  mention "Wicked Sisters" when making reservations for Roaring Camp on June 30th..and you will get a $20 discount!!!!

Wowee!!! A fun-filled evening on the banks of the Mokelumne River , eating a New York Steak dinner while listening to your favorite sista tunes..all for 30 bucks!!   What a fabulous deal!!!    Call right away if you plan on going...it is going to fill up fast!!!    call 296-4100...wow!

We just sent off our CD master and cover artwork and template to Disc Makers....Yay!!!!!!  We should have it in our hot little hands by the end o' May!!!  Our new CD is called Power in the Wait and I cannot wait for it to be done and here!!!!  It's time to plan a CD release party!! 

Wow..We sure had a great time at Helwig Winery!!  What a cool place!  We shared the evening with lots of fun people too!!  Thanks to all who came and spent the evening with us!  What a Blast...can't wait to do it again!

It's finally done!!!  We have officially recorded 14 songs for our new CD, Power in the Wait!!  We have six new originals written by Kevin as well as eight fun covers by the likes of KT Tunstall, Pistol Annies and MaMuse!  This is so very exciting!!  Thanks, Mike for everything!!  You are somethin' special and we are eternally grateful!

What is also exciting is our friend and sister of the heart, Indigo Carlton, has painted an exquisite piece of art for us to use as our CD cover!!!!!!  It is soooo beautiful, I can't wait to see it on our CD!

I will be posting a taste or two of our new songs here on our site as soon as Mike sends them to me...I think that you will love them!

We are so thrilled with this project and can't wait to have it completed.... but there is Power in the Wait...and we've got to have faith!

When it arrives, we will celebrate!


We had a great recording day last Monday at Mike Klooster's Studio in Stockton.  Twelve hours and lots of singing later, we now have six more songs recorded..that makes eleven songs to date!    We recorded some of the songs we have been singing for a bit, as well as some brand new songs, both originals and covers. They all still need some Klooster Magic, but they're recorded!  Yahoo!  Have two more to go, and then we are set..   Our goal is to have our third CD ready by this summer!  Very exciting indeed!

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