back to school...

well....we are back to school, but still creating space for our music.  We sure had a great summer playing here and there, enjoying our beautiful country and family, and just taking a breath or two..  Rejuvinating, relaxing and  empowering.  Three things we needed before starting a new school year and the busy fall season.

We have added three new songs to our playlist this summer...Pontoon, Baggage Claim and New Shoes..all super fun cover songs!  We now  have two more in the wings..Barton Hollow by the Civil Wars.. a powerfully cool song and my first fiddle song!!!!!!  I'm ready and can't wait!  ..and we also have a new, exciting original called "Messin' Around" by Kev.  LOVE both of these new songs, and we think ya'll will too!

So glad to have our music to balance and enrich our lives.   And we love sharing it with others!!! 



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