Happy Spring!

Happy Spring...a time for renewal and rebirth!  Love seeing the lush green hills and the  beautiful wildflowers, and hearing the frogs croaking and the birds chirping!  Exciting times!

Things are  blooming for our band too!  We have added our own  fun versions of some great new covers to our playlist including Girl Crush by LBT, Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics, When I Die by the Waifs, Walk Beside Me by Tim O'Brian and Blank Space by Taylor Swift!!   Tami and Harry have been busy writing songs and we have added a few gems  to our playlist as well. Can't wait for ya'll to enjoy them with us!

We have been adding to our calendar for the upcoming spring and summer, and look forward to adding a few more!  We are available for house concerts or parties, as well as venue events.  Contact Lynn at wickedsisters3@yahoo.com (or this website's email ) if you are interested.  

Fun times ahead!


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