time for a shift...

well..the time has arrived for a shift for our band.  We are ready, for many different reasons, to step back for a while and slow down.  We have had the time of our lives for six years now..performing around and about our great county and a little beyond!  But we are kind of tired and ready to change things a bit.  We are done performing as of next Friday at Bella Grace in Sutter Creek, but we are definitely not done playing music!  We want to get back to our roots, so to speak.  Focus more on originals, harmonies and just a few instruments to accompany our sound.  Simplify.  Breathe.  Let the music flow. Be more spontaneous when and where we play, if at all.  We are just going to trust where the music takes us. 

Thank you to all who have joined us on this journey.  Sure has been fun, hasn't it?!  Who would have thought that in our 50's (except young Annie!) we would be in a band!!!!  What a total kick in the ass, I tell ya!  Learned soooo much along the way too.   This website is proof of that! 

anyway....it's all good!

see ya around


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